This post contains details of two events:

- Day meeting to review the Recent and Antiquarian Discoveries at Creswell Crags - Saturday 14th October 2006
- Reports meeting at Wing Village Hall, Rutland - Saturday 18th November 2006

Any enquiries should be addressed to: Daryl Garton, Hon Meetings Secretary, 12, Collington Street, Beeston, Nottingham, NG9 1FJ or mailto:[log in to unmask]

Reminder: AGM on 17th March 2007 at Washingborough, Lincs

Day meeting to review the Recent and Antiquarian Discoveries at Creswell Crags
Saturday 14th October 2006

Creswell Crags is featured on the award-winning web page 'Virtually the Ice-Age' at, but for those who prefer paper copy, see the recent article on the Cave Art in British Archaeology September 2003/Issue 72 or Current Archaeology June 2005/issue 197.  Further information can also be found from the National Ice Age Network site at

Morning lectures to be held at the Creswell Social Centre, Elmton Road, Creswell (just W of the railway bridge at SK523743) - see map at or S80 4BH at  The car park is behind the Social Centre - West from the railway bridge go past the Social Centre on the left and take the first left past the War Memorial into Colliery Road. Drive 50 yards, then turn left into the long car park alongside the playing field. 

Registration + Coffee 10.00-10.30am

In the morning the speakers will be:
	Ian Wall (Creswell Crags Trust): Introduction to the Crags and recent developments
	Ian Brooks (Engineering Archaeological Services Ltd): Excavations in Pin Hole Cave
	Paul Pettitt (University of Sheffield): Discovery and Interpretation of the Cave Art at Creswell Crags
	Barry Lewis (Trent & Peak Archaeological Unit): Archaeological Investigations around the Crags

1.00- 200pm buffet lunch for those who have paid in advance.

In the afternoon we will split into 4 groups for the following activities:
	guided tour of the cave art in Church Hole
	guided tour of Robin Hoods Cave
	'hands on' session of Palaeolithic bones + artefacts from Creswell Crags
	self-guided tour of display at Creswell Crags Visitor Centre

with each session starting at 2.00, 2.45, 3.30, 4.15pm.             
5pm disperse.

Creswell Crags entry fees are included in the cost of the day (note that CBA members are subsidised for this meeting).   Numbers are limited to a maximum of 75 - please register prior to 3rd October 2006, but early booking is advised as places will be allocated on first come, first served, basis. Unless you hear to the contrary, you can assume that your application has been successful.

Booking slip for Creswell Crags meeting 14th October 2006 should be sent to:
Mrs Val Disney, CBA East Midlands, 24 Highfields Grove, Carlton in Lindrick, Worksop, Notts S81 9ET

Reports meeting at Wing Village Hall, Rutland 
Saturday 18th November 2006

Wing lies between Uppingham and Oakham at SK 895 030.  The village hall is on Morcott Road which is at the E end of the main E-W road through the village (at LE15 8SA see

MATT BEAMISH (University of Leicester Archaeological Services)
10.30am   An Early Iron Age settlement and stock crowding alley at Hamilton, Leicester

RUSSELL TRIMBLE (Witham Archaeology)
11.10am   A late Iron Age and Roman cropmark site in the Idle Valley near Tiln, Nottinghamshire

CHRIS ROBINSON (Nottinghamshire County Council)
11.50am   Fox Wood Hillfort: 21st Century Management of a 1st Century Monument

DAVE WALKER (Derbyshire Ware Project)
12.30pm   Firing an experimental Derbyshire Ware Kiln - first results 

Lunch 1.10pm

GRAEME GUILBERT (Trent & Peak Archaeological Unit)
2.40pm   Who's been drinkin' muddy water from a hollowed log?

MARK WILLIAMS (Archaeological Project Services)
3.20pm   Investigation of a linear cropmark crossing the Oakham bypass, Leicestershire

4.00pm  Finding the Priory in the Flowerbeds: Recent Discoveries at Felley Priory, Nottinghamshire

Coffee + tea served from 10.00am
Lectures start at 10.30am
Lunch-break 1.10-2.40pm: when there will be an opportunity to visit the turf maze on the village green - the pattern is said to be based on the pavement maze in Chartres cathedral. 
Afternoon coffee + tea after 4.40pm 

Booking slip for Wing Reports meeting 18th November 2006 should be sent by 3rd November to:
Paul Ash, Hon Treasurer, CBA East Midlands, 23 Thirlmere Road, Sheffield S8 0UN.