Dear Euan,

I'd be very interested to read this chapter. Is it freely available?

All good wishes

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Dear All,
  If anyone would like a copy of a chapter - just
published - which discusses the disc and its
implications (details below) please send me an e-mail
and I will send you an electronic offprint.
  Euan MacKie

New evidence for a professional priesthood in the
European Early Bronze Age?   343-62 in Viewing the sky
through past and present cultures:  selected papers
from the Oxford VII International Conference on Archaeoastronomy,  eds.
Todd W. Bostwick and Bryan
Bates:  Pueblo Grande Museum Anthropological Papers
no. 15: 2006.  Phoenix, Arizona (ISBN 1-882572-38-6: 
Library of Congress Catalogue number 20066920371).

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