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Call for papers: 
Eat, drink and be merry: approaching consumption in the Neolithic Near East

The Neolithic was an innovative period, characterised by significant changes in patterns of consumption and the preparation of food and drink. The archaeology of, specifically, the Near Eastern Neolithic, where incipient domestication first occurred (8000-5500 cal. BC), is now a burgeoning field of research. Fieldwork over the past decades has resulted in often spectacular finds, including monumental architecture, complex rituals and elaborate material culture styles. However, archaeological investigations of consumption in this region have generally been limited to the identification of species of wild and domesticated plants and animals, perhaps extending to a discussion of evidence of butchery marks, or to functional-technological studies of particular pottery groups. However, preparing, cooking and eating food and drink are foremost social acts: they are complex, context-specific expressions of cultural values, systems of belief and personal relationships. They are
 mechanisms through which such concepts can be reinforced, negotiated and reproduced. In this session we would like to explore approaches to these issues in our interpretations of archaeological material. Whilst the main focus of this session is on Near Eastern prehistory, we welcome comparative papers from other regions.

Session Organisers:
Olivier Nieuwenhuyse, National Museum of Antiquities, Leiden, [log in to unmask]
Karina Croucher, University of Liverpool, [log in to unmask]
Rachel Conroy, Sheffield Galleries and Museums Trust, [log in to unmask]

X-TAG, Exeter, 15-17th December,

Dr Karina Croucher
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