Steve said " The hobby takes a big risk in inviting FLO's and archaeologists 
to rallies,
it doesnt have to do this, it isnt a legal requirement or even a moral one,
it is a privalage extended to the archaeological community, its leaves us
wide open for inspection and criticism... rather odd when all we hear is
that we are secretive and furtive dont you think?"

What risk is there by inviting a FLO or an archaeologist to any rally?  Pray 
do tell I need a good laugh.  Oh let me think your scared that treasure will 
be snapped out of your hands before you can sell some of it off?

Yes that is being stupid but it is as stupid as your own comments.

No one as said David is compromising his archaeological background what I am 
saying is the report is nothing more than what we see daily in the media. 
One sided and inaccurate.  EBAY sales show just that.

As for being furtive and secretive, dont you think that these views came 
about because of the way your hobby does indeed seem to exclude anyone who 
may have different views from your own.  We have one detectorist posting 
about this on this forum and he is saying the total opposite of you.  Why 
have you not gotten on his back?  Would it be due to the fact you cannot 
spout your usual crap about archaeologists being against detectorists when 
we post?

I see from the maps etc that the site was legally entitled to be detected 
and I have no complaints that it went ahead.  In fact I think EH et al 
should have had more sense than to allow it and it is about time that 
landscapes were included in any HER because the landscape can tell us more 
about a particular site.  The intervisibility of monuments is an area as yet 
not investigated deeply enough although I know of a few people who are now 
starting to change this.

On another note I guess we archaeologists should be thankful that the MD's 
on the day managed to spot handaxes etc and not just metal.  I guess our 
education is working but the final outcome is still going th wrong way i.e 
sales of these objects.