It has just occured to me that if I was going to be mean spirited and wanted 
to lash out the archaeolical community in the same manner that Paul and 
Nigel habitually lash out at the detecting fraternity and those that try to 
look further than the age old arguements such as progressive archaeologists 
like David Connolly....

Why dont we also bring into the equation the recent case of the PAS FLO that 
was selling antiquities and had a thriving business going on Ebay?

This event was actually brough to light by a well known detectorist, but 
instead of using it as ammunition to malign the PAS or the archaeological 
community he contacted PAS directly and allowed them to deal with it 
quietly, in house... and was thanked by the PAS supremo for doing so!

This was later made public by another source...

However why not the same hue and cry from the Paul and Nigel on this matter, 
they are well aware of it...

Why not, because it rather inconveniently does not suit their agenda... as 
does this other single incedent by the detectorist.

Nasty... no wonder little progress has been made over the years whilke these 
two maliscious mongerers are allowed to continue wihtout issue by their 

Hats off to David for having the balls that many others lack in standing up 
publicly and making his account.