On Thu, 3 Aug 2006, Mark Taylor wrote:

> Oh cripes.  The offending line is boilerplate that Peter wrote which
> I didn't make any attempt to understand at the time.  Clearly the
> required tcl files are not getting sourced.  Fixing it looks to be a
> matter of fiddling around with how GAIA makes its standalone executable,
> which as far as I can tell is not standard Tcl business, and which
> I also don't understand, so it's going to take some digging.
> I suspect the answer is somewhere in applications/gaia/gaia/mktclapp.
> I'll see what progress I can make, but if there's anyone out there
> who has a clue about how GAIA builds itself, their help would be
> much appreciated.

Interestingly I can now reliably get a core dump in gaia if I run it as

  % gaia cube.sdf

without the build dir available (with the build dir there it works).

#0  0x080e732f in NativeFloatImageData::getMinMax (this=0xa94e3a0) at 
#1  0x080d5339 in ImageData::autoSetCutLevels (this=0xa94e3a0, percent=98) 
at ImageData.C:1018
#2  0x0809778c in RtdImage::autocutCmd (this=0xa675610, argc=-1073936472, 
argv=0xbffd07a8) at RtdCmds.C:245
#3  0x080973d2 in RtdImage::call (this=0xa675610, name=0xa80f7a0 
"autocut", len=7, argc=2, argv=0xbffd07a8) at RtdCmds.C:174
#4  0x0805e03f in Skycat::call (this=0xa675610, name=0xa80f7a0 "autocut", 
len=7, argc=2, argv=0xbffd07a8) at Skycat.C:223
#5  0x0806b330 in TclCommand::tclCmdProc (thisPtr=0xa675610, 
interp=0xa2f7da0, argc=4, argv=0xbffd07a0) at TclCommand.C:122
#6  0x009d0a60 in TclInvokeStringCommand (clientData=0xa6895d0, 
interp=0xa2f7da0, objc=4, objv=0xa2f9a38)
     at ./../generic/tclBasic.c:1778

If I run up "gaia" and then open the file it works fine. Loading a 2D 
image also works fine. So it's only when loading a cube that I'm getting 
the error.

I'm thinking that the release is dead until Peter gets back.

Tim Jenness
JAC software