On Thu, 24 Aug 2006, Peter W. Draper wrote:

> On Thu, 24 Aug 2006, Mark Taylor wrote:
> > > Might do SoG now since the amount of additional work is probably small.
> > 
> > on which topic...
> > 
> > AstroGrid do want me to come up with a PLASTICification of a 
> > WebStartable image viewer alternative to Aladin.  Obviously, SoG sprang 
> > to mind.  However, I'm not sure what SoG offers on top of JSkyCat; since 
> > clearly SoG is and is likely to remain an unfinished project, and I 
> > presume that you don't want to offer any support for it now, it might 
> > make both our lives easier if I worked on JSkyCat directly without 
> > whatever enhancements SoG offers.  Can you comment?
> Hi Mark, 
> the things SoG brings into play are support for NDX/NDF (I guess who cares 
> springs to mind), grid overlays, basic aperture photometry (not 
> incorporated very well) and some remote control services. I think it's 
> fair enough to declare it as dying, if not dead, as it didn't get far 
> enough to be useful in its own right and switch to JSky(cat).
> Now for more bad news... The version of JSky in STARJAVA is very out of 
> date, it's version 2.0 and the latest is 2.6. I seem to remember there was 
> a biggish restructing job that needed doing in the middle of those, which 
> is why I never got around to it.

Thanks Peter - looks like neither SoG nor the starjava/jsky packages
are good starting points for this then.  If you want PLASTIC in SoG
I can add it (at least, take a look and do it if it's easy), but
unless you request it I probably won't bother.


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