On Thu, 17 Aug 2006, Peter W. Draper wrote:

> On Thu, 17 Aug 2006, David Berry wrote:
> >      What is the equivalent of the Fortran DAT__ROOT constant in
> > the new HDS C interface? That is, how do I specify DAT__ROOT when
> > calling (for instance) ndfPlace? I suppose I can explicitly import the
> > DAT__ROOT constant into an HDSLoc using HDS_IMPORT_FLOCATOR, but
> > presumably it should not really be necessary for application code to do
> > this.
> David,
> just pass in NULL.

OK. I see that ndf.c has special code that translates NULL into DAT__ROOT.
So if ndfPlace was supplied with a "DAT__NOLOC" NULL (which should really
result in an error being reported) it will instead treat it like DAT__ROOT
and continue succesfully?

Would it not be better to have a separate way of representing DAT__ROOT in
the C interface?