On Mon, 7 Aug 2006, Mark Taylor wrote:

>    gaia/src/Gaia.C
>    gaia/mktclapp/tclAppInit.C
> which seem to fix the rpcvar problem reported above (and a cascade
> of related ones).  The fix is not particularly elegant however,
> which is why I haven't applied it to the trunk.  I will refrain from
> going into details here, but Peter, when you get back, take a look
> at those edits and see if you want to propagate this fix to the trunk 
> or if you've got some better idea for how to work round it.

Hi Mark (& Tim), 

sorry hadn't anticipated this problem, seems that mktclapp is somewhat 
incompatible with the new package loading mechanism (and I should have 
remembered to test the standalone executable as Tim did). Your solution 
and analysis are correct, the issue is with the mktclapp virtual file 
system implementation not being able to glob, so pkgIndex files in 
sub-directories are not picked up. I'll merge the changes onto the main 
branch for now, but I think the better solution is to do the promised 
extraction of xmlbits into thirdparty, where they can be globbed (in the 
longer term, like if GAIA also starts using TEA, then I suspect I'll need 
to switch to "starkits", or give up the single-binary game).