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Dear listmembers:

I have just finished reading Andreas Speer's contribution to
HAMBURGER, Jeffrey F. and Anne-Marie BOUCHÉ (ed.), The Mind's Eye: Art
and Theological Argument in the Middle Ages ("Is There a Theology of
the Gothic Cathedral? A Re-reading of Abbot Suger's Writings on the
Abbey Church of St.-Denis"). In it, the famous "theology of light"
theory, coined by Panofsky is once again rejected. Nothing new here.
But what surprised me was reading (p. 73) that "There is much evidence
in Suger's writings and in later sources that no part of the basilica
had already been finished when he called for the consecration in 1140
and 1141 (…) According to thirteenth-century sources it was only after
Suger's death, some eighty years later, that the construction projects
were continued at St.-Denis under Abbot Odo and completed under the
direction of Pierre de Montreuil. Thus, for nearly a century, the
first "perfect Gothic choir" existed only in liturgical descriptions".

Does it mean that the ambulatory –with the famous Suger's "vitri
vestiti"- belongs in part to the 13th century? Was it possible that
the windows were mounted before the mason work finished?

Thanks for any help!


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