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From: John Wickstrom <[log in to unmask]>

> Dear Listmembers, I've been looking at a late 11th c. Parisian MS which
in one folio seems to depict St. Benedict as a priest: he is receiving a
new novice while wearing a cope (actually it looks more like an Orthodox
chasuble (phelonion), an alb and most important, a clerical stole down
his front.


Dear John,

i know less than nothing about clerical costuming (which is to say that i
think i know something, but that something is most likely wrong); however, i
do have an avid interest in what was going on figure style-wise in the
Parisian region in the late 11th c. 

your illumination looks vaguely familiar but i can't place it.

where's it from?

what's the (B.n., i presume) shelf number?

i'd be interested in seeing an actually legible .jpg of it; have you tried to
run it down on any of the Ministre de Kultur websites?

it is ironic that the B.n. mss. are, as best i can make out, the most poorly
documented on the web, at least so far.

while the mss. in the regional libraries are being "published" on the web with
some seriousness, it seems.



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