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> The "popular" view of medieval Christianity,
> as I understand it, is as its being a passive,
> submissive religion.


Not my impression, certainly. And not since Constantine.

There are upteen Warrior saints whose exploits are treated by the modern 
Christian church with embarrassment. Central to this is the loud and 
vigorous denial in certain quarters that Saint Alban ever was or ever could 
have been a soldier and the declaration that depicting him in miliary garb 
is an aberration of 19th C jingoism. (Claptrap, of course!)

Kings were crowned AND anointed and expected to lead their warriors into 

And what about the Crusades ?

The Religious Orders (apart from Templers, Hospitalers, Teutonics &c &c) all 
professed forms of pacifism but they were not typical of Christendom as a 
whole - they were only "Those Who Prayed". There were also "Those Who 
Fought" and "Those Who Laboured".


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