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> what about a [good scholarly or indeed any ] history of the Paraclete 
> (which was still a viable institution in the 18th C  when it was forcible 
> closed by the Revolution.) which has yet to be written? I am amazed that 
> feminist scholarship has ignored this topic!"
> Here, here! Even a bit of explanation sur place would be nice. Last time I 
> was there, happening upon the woman who owns/runs the basse cour now in 
> the area is the only way to get any sort of information. There are no 
> pamphlets, no guidebooks, no nothing.

The only book I have tracked down in what ? 30 years ? of dabbling in the A 
& H = A story, is

Albert WILLOCX [sic!!] "Abelard, Heloise et le Paraclet".  Libraire Bleue, 
1996.  (No ISBN)

I believe it is out of print. I managed to grab a remaindered copy at the 
Abelard Conference in Nantes in 2001. In his bibliography, "Sur le 
Paraclet", Albert cites three books only: published in 1815, in 1851 & in 

This book is popular rather than scholarly, but it does provide some 
tantalising nuggets of information. One is that in 1567, the nuns - all but 
a handful - became converts to Protestantism but without wishing to 
relinquish their monastic profession. Shock horror! Is this a sign of 
degeneracy or evidence that A & H's standards of intellectual rigor were 
still flourishing!  (page 148 et seq. ) The other is that the last abbess, 
Charlotte de Roucy, attempted to get the expulsion cancelled on the grounds 
that the nuns did good charitable work among the poor of the district, 
especially the migrant workers coming in from Lorraine, Franche-Comte &c. 
(page 173 et seq.) I also seem to remember - tho I can't find the page ref - 
that up to the last the nuns were singing the liturgy for Whitsunday IN 
GREEK. (This was the Patronal festival, of course.)  This is the tip of the 
iceburg. Surely someone would be tempted to investiage this institution 
which survived for over 600 years, more thoroughly.!!

Perhaps the trouble is, it needs someone to move effortlessly from 1127 to 

Gauntlet duly thrown down.

Brenda M C 

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