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The list in question is composed of martyrs of the Via Portuensis.  
Felix, about whom we know nothing, has an entry of his own in the 
(pseudo-)Hieronymian Martyrology for today.  He also once had a 
basilica on the Via Portuensis at the cemetery _Ad insalatos_.  
Simplicius, Faustinus, and Viatrice (a.k.a. Beatrice) are also in the 
(pseudo-)Hieronymian Martyrology for today, as a group.  They had been 
buried in the cemetery of Generosa.  Leo II translated them (or at 
least Simplicius and Faustinus) to an oratory near the church of Santa 
Bibiana.  When the oratory went out of service (became ruinous?), the 
sarcophagus containing the relics of Simplicius and Faustinus was 
transferred to Santa Maria Maggiore and, it is said, is still there.

By the time of the first redaction of the _Liber Pontificalis_ (sixth 
century), the aforementioned Felix had been identified as (anti-)pope 
Felix II and the latter was then considered a martyr.  This state of 
affairs lasted until 2000, when the new RM appeared with separate 
entries under today for Felix (no longer identified as the pope) and 
for Simplicius, Faustinus, Viatrice, and Rufus.  Usuard also had 
separate listings for Felix (identified as the pope) and for the 
others, but many calendars show on this day either a feast of Felix and 
Simplicius (so e.g. the Marble Calendar of Naples) or a feast of Felix, 
Simplicius, and others from Simplicius' party.  The late fifteenth-
century calendar from Bruges given here:
has just Felix and Simplicius but calls them bishops!

John Dillon    

On Saturday, July 29, 2006, at 5:05 am, John Briggs wrote:

> John Dillon wrote:
> >
> > Today (29. July) is the feast day of:
> Felix, Simplicius, Faustinus and Beatrice [there's something odd 
> about that 
> list which I just can't put my finger on]
> In the Hereford Calendar, a Feast with three lessons.

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