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The Post-graduate School of Industrial Ecology (PSIE) will offer a set of 7 PhD-level research training courses in the period of 2007-08. The aim of these courses is to develop the research skills and knowledge of early stage researchers in Industrial Ecology. PSIE targets Ph.D. candidates, young researchers and faculty members from throughout Europe and beyond who want to address sustainable production and consumption in their research. The series teaches participants cutting-edge research methods in Industrial Ecology and provides the skills and knowledge to implement research programs in sustainable production and consumption. 

The courses run within the period of January 2007 to August 2008.  

Application deadline: 1 November 2006 

On-line application and further information: <> <> 


Course fee
PSIE is sponsored by the Marie Curie program of the European Commission. Eligible participants will receive a reimbursement of the course fee and support for travel and subsistence. The course fee for other participants is €1500 per course. 

Credits and workload 
Each training course corresponds to 7.5 ECTS <>  credits or one quarter of a semester. Each course includes two weeks of instructions/supervised work and three weeks of independent work in the form of reading, research and project work. 


These are the courses

1. Industrial Ecology: Theory and Concepts

2. Life Cycle Assessment

3. Value Chain Modelling

4. Ecological Design

5. Resource and Recycling Systems

6. Sustainable Production

7. Sustainable Consumption


PSIE is supported by the European Union and organized in cooperation with the International Society for Industrial Ecology ( Following institutes are involved in producing the courses:

1. Norwegian University of Science and Technology <>  [NTNU], Norway.

2. Institute of Environmental Sciences <>  , Leiden University [CML], The Netherlands; 
3. The University of Surrey <> [UNIS], Great Britain; 
4. Technical University Ostrava <> [VSB-TUO], The Czech Republic;
5. Delft University of Technology <>  [TU Delft], The Netherlands; 
6. University of Maribor, Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering <>  [FKKT], Slovenia; 
7. Wroclaw University of Technology <>  [WRUT], Poland; 
8. Vienna University of Technology <> [TU Vienna], Austria; 
9. Slovak University of Technology <>  [STU], Slovakia; 
10. Røyal <>  Institute of Technology [KTH], Sweden; 
11. Budapest University of Technology and Economics <> [BUTE], Hungary; 
12. Aarhus School of Business <>  [ASB], Denmark. 


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