Dear list

To help solve the problems associated with taking excavation site 
photographs from a decent height, we have set up Aerial-Cam.

Aerial-Cam is a low level aerial photography service providing photographs 
taken with remote controlled cameras mounted on a telescopic mast, up to a 
height of 22m (70ft). The mast is mounted on the back of a Landrover so that 
it can be positioned for optimum results. Oblique and vertical shots can 
then be taken of excavation sites, monuments, buildings and landscapes for 
interpretation, presentation, maintenance surveys, risk assessments and site 

As this is a new service we are looking for a handful of projects where 
Aerial-Cam can be applied for free to help with building a portfolio. If you 
are aware of a project that could benefit from Aerial-Cam then please let me 
know. Suitable projects would ideally be non-commercial open area 
excavations in the South West, West Midlands or South Wales. However if 
there are other kinds of projects with an unusual aspect to them, we would 
be pleased to consider them also.

Thank you in advance.
Kindest Regards
Adam Stanford

T>>  01386 750647
M>> 07815 007128


Co.>> Archaeology Safaris Ltd. t/a Aerial-Cam
Post>> PO Box 130, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, GL20 8WZ