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Dear Crusading specialists

Can you help ? Some years ago, browsing through a shelf full of English 
translations of original texts on the Crusades, I came across a reference to 
the Breton contingent behaving badly on their way to the FIRST Crusade. 
Foolishly I never copied down the citation.  I think the incident was in 
Southern Italy but it could equally well have been in Byzantium. The Bretons 
under Duke Alain Fergent attached themselves to Robert of Normandy. (I know 
there is often confusion in documents between Bretons and Britons - nothing 
new here - so if in doubt, I'll collect  references to naughty Britons as 

Apologies in advance to Andre-Yves & Denis for the suggestion that Bretons 
could possibly behave badly - it must be a calumny - or a mistake for 


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