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On Monday, June 26, 2006, at 5:17 am, John Briggs wrote:
> John and Paul [presumably martyred in 1969]

Reduced in rank: particular calendars.

Presumably, one of those calendars is that of the Archdiocese of New
York, whose archbishop, when he is a cardinal, is by recent tradition
the titular priest of SS. Giovanni e Paolo in Rome.  At his installation
as archbishop in 2000, the incumbent (Edward M. Egan) used for his
homily both a consideration of J. and P.'s Roman basilica and the
legendary account of these saints' martyrdom (supposedly under Julian in
361 -- for western martyrs, a pretty good indication that the story has
been invented).  Egan had been consecrated as a bishop at SS. Giovanni e
Paolo some fifteen years earlier.  A text of his homily is here:

An English-language page on that basilica is here:
A two-page, Italian-language account, without illustrations, is here:
And a companion account of the basilica's 12th-/13th-century belltower
is here:
Some expandable views are here:

Two of those expandable views are of frescoes in the remains of ancient
Roman houses underneath the basilica.  A brief discussion of that site
is here:
and a few more illustrations of the frescoes, including a medieval one
of the crucified Christ, is here:

Rome's basilica of J. and P. is a basilica architecturally as well as
ecclesiastically.  Venice's (San Zanipolo to the locals) is only the
latter.  The medieval city's Dominican church, in its present form it is
of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries.  An English-language account
with expandable views (and with a plan that one can click on to see,
inter alia, smallish views of funerary monuments of medieval doges) is here:
Other illustrated, English-language accounts:

This church's south transept has a noteworthy late 15th-/early
16th-century glass window (colored glass and grisaille).  An brief,
English-language account is here:
An overview is here:
And a detailed, Italian-language account with hotlinks to some detail
views is here:

John Dillon

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