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Today (3. June) is the feast day of:

Clotilda (d. 545)  Clotilda (or Clothilde, if you prefer) was a 
daughter of the Burgundian king Chilperic.  She was married off to 
the Frankish king Clovis in 492  or 493.  C. is supposed to have 
played a major role in winning his conversion to Christianity. 
During her 34 years of widowhood, C. lived quietly at Tours, 
interrupted only by efforts to keep her sons and nephews from killing 
each other.

Kevin of Glendalough (d. c. 618)  Kevin (Coemgen) came from a 
Leinster noble family.  He became a priest, and then a hermit near 
Glendalough.  A farmer discovered him (the farmer's cow produced 
extraordinary milk after licking the saint's feet (says the legend), 
and the farmer came to see where the ultra-rich grazing was) and 
forced him out of solitude.  Disciples gathered, and formed the 
monastery of Glendalough, one of the best-preserved Irish monasteries 
today.  My favorite Kevin story tells that once, while he was praying 
(standing with his arm stuck out the window of his tiny cell), a bird 
built a nest in his hand and laid eggs.  When K. ended his meditation 
he discovered what had happened---so he stood patiently until the 
eggs hatched and the birds were ready to fly away.

Genesius of Clermont (d. c. 660)  Genesius was from an aristocratic 
Gallo-Roman family; he became bishop of Clermont after winning a 
great reputation as archdeacon.

Isaac of Cordoba (d. 852)  One of the martyrs of Cordoba, Isaac 
became a government notary, but withdrew to a monastery.  Stirred up 
in that strange fervor that gripped religious folk in Cordoba in 
those days, in time I. felt it to be his duty to go and argue the 
truth of Christianity with the chief magistrate of the city.  He 
denounced Muhammad as a false prophet (a capital crime), was 
arrested, and soon executed.

Morand (d. c. 1113)  Morand was educated at the cathedral school of 
Worms.  On reaching adulthood, though, he made a pilgrimage to 
Compostela, and never got past Cluny on his return trip.  In time, 
the abbot sent him off to do pastoral care in Lower Alsace, at a 
place near the present Altkirch.  M. proceeded to do a lot of 
preaching and miracle-working; his cult is still alive in Alsace.
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