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with the List's forbearance, i have yet another unsolvable, tedious question.

at the very end of a lengthy obituary notice in the cathedral's necrology,
outlining his major accomplishments, St. Ivo of Chartres (d.1115) is said to

"Ad augmentadndam tabulam altaris, idem moriens C modios vini reliquit..."

being exceptionally literal-minded, my first thought was that this meant that
the saintly bishop had given goods for the *physical* enhancement of the altar
table of the cathedral --some spiffy gold retable, for instance.

but, upon seeing that what he gave was not just any ole piece of property, the
income from the sale of which might be used to pay for such an artistic
program, but rather 100 _modii_ of *wine* --and that on his deathbed-- i'm now
thinking that "ad aumentandam" here has a more metaphorical meaning:

at a minimum, it is a question of the "aumentation" of the stock of
sacramental wine --which, i believe, would have been a commodity both always
in need and the source of which would have been somewhat special to the canons
of the cathedral.

any random thoughts on this question would be appreciated.


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