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The problem would be with ADONAI/ADWNAI

A simple search of the TLG data bank yields plenty of hits on the two word 
sequence AGIOS AQANATOS, but none on those words in context with ADON- or ADWN-.

On the other hand, ADONAI/ADWNAI (etc.) is found not infrequently in "magic"  
contexts such as gems and amulets -- see e.g.

By itself or in other combinations of divine names/attributes, ADWNAI (with omega;  
sometimes ADONAI with omicron) occurs all over the place, including in Greek
Jewish scriptures ("LXX/OG"), as a substitution for the unpronounced
tetragrammaton YHWH ("LORD" or "Jehovah" in most translations). It probably has
made its way into some liturgical materials through its use in (various versions
of) Greek scriptures, and many of the 400 or so occurrences in the TLG data bank
are quotations from LXX/OG (especially Ezekiel).

Bob Kraft

> *Agios  Athanatos* is Greek for *Holy Immortal One* and has been used in 
> the Orthodox liturgy at least since the 4th C, certainly earlier, since 
> it translates a Hebrew phrase.
> DW
> denis Hüe wrote:
> > dilectissimi sapientes
> > I am presently working on a passage taken from a French Mystery play 
> > wher I have found a passage moking a pagan ceremony. The priest of the 
> > pagan religion expresses himself in an inventive and creative Greek 
> > where he uses Agios Athanatos Adonai which one could think is taken 
> > from the office from Good Friday. I would like to ask my imminent 
> > colleagues if it was present in the liturgy pretridentine.
> > Thanks you in advance.
> >  
> > ***********************
> > N'en sai plus dire
> > ***********************
> > Denis Hüe,
> > responsable du Master Lettres Langues Communication
> > Centre d'Etude des Textes Médiévaux, (CETM-CELAM)
> > Université de Haute Bretagne
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