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>   This may not be what you are searching for, but I came across the
Chapelle Saint Aignan near ND (XIIth, with sculpted capitels) :


thanks for sharing this site, Emmanuel, which i had not seen before.

this modest building is actually quite important --it is in fact the oldest
surviving bit of above-ground architecture on the Ile-de-la-Cité and offers
us a precious and rare example of what pre-"gothic" building and sculpture
looked like in Paris.

Stephen of Garland was a very important fellow indeed, the archtypical "King's
Man" and collector of benefices which were in the Royal Gift --he also held
prebends in the chapters of the cathedral of Orleans, the "royal [collegial]
abbeys" (including at Etampes), and various miscellaneous gigs here and there
around the royal domain.

he was an archdeacon of Paris, which is why he had a house near the cathedral,
and this chapel was part of that larger domestic complex.

the date of "vers 1116" isn't based on the architecture but rather comes from
a charter from the cathedral cartulary in which he endowed the two canons who
were to serve the chapel.

the Garland Bros. held several important posts within the royal "household"
until there was a Falling Out with the King in the 1120s, resulting in a sort
of civil war --the political situation was very, very complex, involving the
various threads of "reform" (about which the King was masterfully ambiguous),
the role of the queen, the geopolical situation viz-a-viz the king of England
and the count of Blois/Chartres, etc.

Robert Bautier has done a fine job of giving a *hint* of this complexity in
his article "Paris au Temps d'Abélard" (in Jean Jolivet, ed. ABELARD EN SON
TEMPS: acts du colloque international organisé a l'occasion du 9e centenaire
de la naissance de Pierre Abélard; Paris, 1981. pp 21-77).

somehow, i doubt that "St Bernard y venait prier" as this site says, since
Bernie certainly had nothing good to say about Stephen.

although Abélard might have done so. 


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