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In Allan Temko's (dated) _Notre-Dame of Paris:The Biography of a Cathedral_, 
I find:

"The Parisians elected to save three churches, all the Normans permitted 
them, in exchange for an immense sum of gold and silver....Their choice was 
interesting: the Cathedral of Saint-Etienne, which they evidently valued 
more highly than the Basilica of N-D [omissions and shorthand mine],and the 
abbey churches of Saint-Denis and they looked at the 
scorched walls of S-E...they may have reconsidered their 
parochialism....they examined the remains of Mary's church, standing 
directly behind Stephen's, and...decided to erect a new cathedral in her 
honor. The Virgin, after three centuries in Paris, had triumphed in the 
midst of disaster."

According to Temko, there was a Marian basilica apart from the cathedral 
which was permitted to be destroyed in favor of Stephen, Denis and Germanus. 
Moreover the cathedral dedication was changed from Stephen, by most accounts 
the first martyr and first saint, to Mary.
Has Temko been superseded by more recent scholarship or is all this so lost 
in the mists of time, we just don't know?

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