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Good luck to Jon Cannon for his paper at the Lady Chapels Conference in 
Oxford this coming weekend - and too to Cathy Oakes (who keeps a fairly low 
profile on this list!)  I shall be very sorry to miss this conference, but I 
shall be otherwise engaged at what I believe to be Jon's more usual stamping 
ground (Burwalls)!

Stuart Harrison's paper should be quite dazzling - I believe he will 
demonstrate that the Durham Lady Chapel was moved to the west end and 
re-assembled in a quite different way.

It will be interesting to see if any light is thrown on the knotty problem 
of which came first, the Lady Chapel or the daily Lady Mass.  I have rather 
belatedly found a reference touching on this (albeit one with which I 
disagree pretty comprehensively):

M.F. Hearn & L. Willis, "The iconography of the Lady Chapel of Salisbury 
Cathedral", in L. Keen & T. Cocke (eds), Medieval Art and Architecture at 
Salisbury Cathedral (1996) pp.40-45 (British Archaeological Association 
Conference Transactions XVII).

John Briggs 

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