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> "Peter of Poitiers (d. 1115)  Peter became bishop of Poitiers in 1087,
>> > after serving as archdeacon."
> The cathedral of Poitiers is dedicated to Saint Peter, probably the Big 
> Guy. I wonder though if this bishop had anything to do with the cathedral 
> name or if the "vocable" was settled long before his time...

Just a personal opinion, but isn't it likely to be the other way round ? 
That the child is baptised in the name of the important local saint in order 
to be put inder that saint's special protection ?

In the case of the renaming of the cathedral church of Paris from Stephen to 
Mary, IIRC the old cathedral of St Stephen was badly damaged during the 
Viking incursions, and afterwards they could only afford to repair part of 
it. the part they repaired was the Lady Chapel and this became the 
proto-cathedral, so dedicated to the BVM until c. 1180 when the present N-D 
was built.

If I have got this wrong, can someone give me a refernce to put me right ?

BTW The Cathedral at Nantes is / was dedicated to SS Peter & Paul. Seems to 
be a local enthusiasm for Peter - and not just Peter Abelard.  {(:-) }
Brenda M C 

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