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On Friday, April 14, 2006, at 11:49 am, Christopher Crockett wrote:

> but crows can't carry all that much weight in stone, and that 
> treck up the
> hill and through the town looks a hellofa lot easier on a map than 
> it would be
> in the actual doing of it, day in and day out, for decades, 
> disrupting the
> normal traffic of the town all the while.

A small point: I would't worry too much about the traffic.  That sort 
of disruption will have occurred any time that there was substantial 
construction in a built-up area.  In Naples, for example, it must have 
been nearly constant, as the old city's two primary building stones, 
tufa and peperino, were quarried out medievally from underneath the 
small hill on which it sits (the latter, strangely enough, is a lot 
like that of Chartres: a gentle slope in the rear but steep -- a 
combination of escarpment and steep slope -- where it faces the water).

Best again,
John Dillon

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