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Dear colleagues,

Thanks to a recent withdrawal, this summer's International Medieval
Congress at Leeds (10-13 July 2006) could use a replacement paper in a
session on expressions of friendship in Latin writing of the early and
central Middle Ages.  The two papers presently scheduled for this
session (no. 722) have to do, respectively, with Venantius Fortunatus
and with Goscelin of St.-Bertin.  Information about the congress as a
whole will be found here:
And further details about the strand (Latin Writing) of which this
particular session is a part may be found here:   

Proposals, including paper title, an abstract not exceeding 100 words,
and a statement of any equipment needs, should be directed to me at:
[log in to unmask]

All proposals will be assessed as quickly as possible.

With all best wishes,

John Dillon
Programming Committee
International Medieval Congress
University of Leeds

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