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Today (14. April) is the feast day of:

Lambert (d. 688)  Lambert was a Frankish courtier before becoming a 
monk at Fontenelle.  He succeeded St. Wandregisilus as abbot and 
helped make the place a great religious center.  In c. 679 he went on 
to be archbishop of Lyons.

Bernard of Tiron (d. 1117)  Bernard was a monk who became prior of 
St-Savin.  He tried and failed to reform the place and went off to 
become a hermit in the forest of Craon.  He founded a monastery near 
Tiron in 1109, and wandered around preaching quite a lot.

Benezet (d. 1184)  Benezet was probably from Savoy.  He was a 
shepherd, but as a youth had a vision ordering him to build a bridge 
over the Rhone at Avignon.  He and some volunteers set to work, and 
had the bridge almost done by the time B. died at about the age of 
21.  There were miracles during the building and more miracles at B's 
tomb.  Eventually, a chapel was built on the bridge to house B's 
body.  The bridge survived until 1669.

Pedro Gonzalez (blessed (d. 1246)  The Castilian Pedro Gonzalez got a 
good education and was given a canonry at Astorga cathedral.  But, 
says legend, when P. was riding stylishly into the city to take up 
his office, his horse tripped and dumped the young P. in the 
mud---and P. started thinking about worldly vanity.  He gave up his 
position to become a Dominican, was appointed as royal chaplain by 
King Ferdinand III, and worked to reform the morals of the courtiers. 
P. also preaached crusade against the Moors and is supposed to have 
convinced King (St.) Ferdinand) to be gentle with the defeated 
Muslims.  Later he focused especially on preaching to Spanish and 
Portuguese seamen.  Oddly, he is known to them as St. Elmo, through a 
confusion with St. Erasmus.
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