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Today (10. April) is the feast day of:

Fulbert of Chartres (d. 1029)  Fulbert was an Italian who studied at 
Rheims.  He impressed one of his teachers, Gerbert of Aurillac, who 
as Pope Sylvester II used F. as an advisor.  F. then became a canon 
of Chartres cathedral and diocesan chancellor, moving up to the 
episcopate in 1007.  Fulbert helped build Chartres' cathedral school 
into a leading education center, wrote a lot of poems and hymns, 
rebuilt his cathedral (which had burned down; the crypt of the 
current building dates to F's rebuilding), and was also active in 

Archangelo of Calatafimi (blessed) (d. 1460)  The Sicilian Archangelo 
became a hermit as a young man and quickly attracted crowds for his 
spiritual counsel and miracle-working propensities.  When Martin V 
ordered all Sicilian hermits to return to the world or join an order, 
A. became an Observant Franciscan, and was sent to establish a new 
convent at Alcamo (one of the places he had been a hermit).  A's 
preaching was very popular and he served as minister provincial for 
Sicily.  His cult was approved in 1836.

Antony Neyrot (blessed) (d. 1460)  Antonio Neyrot was a native of 
Rivoli (N. Italy); he became a Dominican in Florence.  He was sent to 
Sicily for a time and, when leaving the island, his ship was captured 
by pirates and A. ended up as a prisoner in Tunis.  After a few 
months in prison, A. became a Muslim and married (odd activities for 
a Christian holy man!).  But after several months he changed his 
mind, dismissing his wife and going to the ruler of Tunis to proclaim 
his Christianity.  He was eventually stoned.  The cult was approved 
in 1767. 

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