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Today (8. April) is the feast day of:

Dionysius of Corinth (d. c. 170)  Dionysius, bishop of Corinth during 
the reign of Marcus Aurelius, wrote a series of letters to a number 
of Christian communities, fragments of which have survived in the 
pages of Eusebius.  The eastern church regards him as a martyr.  His 
relics were eventually taken to Rome, and Innocent III later gave 
them to the monastery of S. Denis near Paris (apparently on the 
principle that anyone named Dionysius might be their saint?!)

Walter of Pontoise (d. 1095)  The Picard Gautier (Walter) was a 
teacher of rhetoric and philosophy before become a monk at 
Rebais-en-Brie; he went on to be founding abbot of Pontoise.  He 
tried to escape his office, running away to Cluny, but his monks 
found him and brought him back (as a department chair, I can 
sympathize with his attempt).  Eventually he fled again, to a 
riverine island near Tours---and was forced to return (I like the 
notion of a small island with no higher administration to harass me). 
On a visit to Rome, W. begged Gregory VII to allow him to abdicate, 
but he was ordered back to Pontoise yet again.  W. was a significant 
reformer who spoke out against clerical abuses in face of 
violence---once he was mobbed and thrown into prison after an 
anti-simony sermon.
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