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Today (30. April) is the feast day of:

Erkenwald (d. 693)  Erkenwald became bishop of London in 675 (chosen 
by Archbishop Theodore).  E. seems to havebeen a member of the royal 
house of Kent.  Before becoming bishop, he founded monasteries at 
Chertsey and Barking.  As bishop he enlarged St. Paul's cathedral, 
continued the work of spreading Christianity to the East Saxons, and 
served as peacemaker between Theodore and St. Wilfrid.  E. was the 
patron saint of medieval London.

Pius V (d. 1572)  Antonio Ghislieri was born in Bosco (N. Italy) in 
1504.  He joined the Dominicans at age 14, got a good education, and 
spent 16 years as a lecturer in philosophy and theology at the 
University of Pavia.  He then did a good job as inquisitor, was made 
a cardinal in 1557, and moved on to the post of inquisitor general 
(although the pope accused him of Lutheranism at one point and 
threatened to imprison him).  He was elected pope as Pius V in 1566. 
Pius was a zealous but reasonable reformer, trimming the papal court, 
insisting on a high moral code, and going on from there to reform the 
clergy of Rome and the rest of the papal state.  P. was beatified in 
1672 and canonized in 1712.
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