The Government, all public bodies, charities and 'the-courts'  have failed 
this family and as you are well infomed this is why I have continued to 
fight, campaign and lobby for basic human rights and civil liberties and 
'justice' for all ASD's/ Neurodiverse children, adults, families, and carers 
and one of the reasons why I was in the court again.

Why do we after feel that we are 'a-burden' on them all?

I have been at the Humber Bridge myself a few times in the last couple of 
years contemplating suicide and stopped by the police with all the immense 
stress I've been under feeling isolated and lonely being embattled all the 
time with all the authourities.

As David Glenister, Hull and E. Riding MHAG said yesterday to me when I was 
in the office:- 'Why don't the authorities put a phone (free helpline) and 
'safety-fall-nets' at the humber bridge?

I will tell you all how I got on in Court, after  have received the notes 
from Dr Jill Aylott, my non-legal advocate who supported me at the Court 

The East Riding of Yorkshire Council tried for another injunction on me 
again today, but they failed at this time.

For the first time in over 2 years also Her Majesty's Court Service (HMCS) 
met one of my access needs by providing me a 'video-suite' room. I did have 
to move rooms, because the first room was too noisy, especially the noise 
from the radiators that was causing me 'high-anxiety (exposure-anxiety) and 
was like 'white-noise' (toture).



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