Here are the quotations for the coming week (Feb 12th to 18th):
1. ...'Well, suppose you say that I said that she said something quite different, I don't see that it makes any difference; because if she said what you said I said she said, its just the same as if I said what she said she said. On the other hand ...'

He took the Elephant - All-the Elephant-there-was - and said, 'Play at being an Elephant, and All-the Elephant-there-was played. He took the Beaver - All-the-Beaver-there-was - and said, 'Play at being a Beaver', and All-the-Beaver-there-was played. He took the Cow...

3. ...he went on between the lilies and the loquats and the roses and the cannas and the heavy-scented ginger-plants that grew in the garden, until he came to the great camphor-tree...
The sources of last week's extracts (February 5th to 11th) are as follows:
1.  (...Her cinnabar-tinted topsail, nicking the hot blue horizon, showed she was a Spanish wheat-boat ...)  This is from the opening passage of "The Manner of Men" in Limits and Renewals.
2.  (...the little schooner was gambolling all around her anchor among the silver-tipped waves...)  This is from Captains Courageous.
3.  (...She looked like the pious Abigail who has just spoken her mind, and, with folded hands, sits thanking heaven...)  This is from "Their Lawful Occasions" in Traffics and Discoveries.
Good wishes to all, John R
PS  In the NRG We have just published notes by John McGivering on "The Head of the District" , the fifth story in Life's Handicap, and by Roger Ayers on"Snarleyow", "Tommy" and "Oonts" three of the most celebrated Barrack Room Ballads. David Page has undertaken to annotate Abaft the Funnel, and we have also just published his Introduction, and notes on the first two stories, "Erastasius of the Whanghoa" and "Her Little Responsibility". Notes on the remaining stories will follow.