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A reminder that the next in the series of Bede's World Saturday Talks will take place this coming Saturday, 25 February, at Bede's World at 12 noon.
Dr Gale Owen Crocker will be speaking on "Dress in Anglo-Saxon England", looking at the source material for building our knowledge of dress during the early middle ages, and asking particularly what the role of costume was, during the period, in establishing personal identity.
Dr Gale Owen Crocker is Senior Lecturer in English Language at Manchester University, and is author of the seminal work on Dress in Anglo-Saxon England, first published in 1986 and recently re-released in a widely-acclaimed updated version.  She is Co-Director of the Mangchester Medieval Textiles Project and is also involved in a wide range of other research, including recent publications on Beowulf and current research on the Bayeaux Tapestry, on which she is writing a book.
Museum admission charges apply, and entry to the talk is free to members of the Friends of Bede's World.  For more information and directions see
Laura Sole
Curator, Bede's World
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