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Today (4. February) is the feast day of:

Modan (d. c. 550?)  Legend tells that the Scottish Modan was a monk 
and abbot who preached in the area of Stirling and Falkirk.

Rabanus Maurus (d. 856)  Rabanus was trained at Fulda, became one of 
the great scholars of the Carolingian renaissance, and in 822 was 
made abbot.  RM resigned in c. 840 and lived in retirement, but in 
847 he was made archbishop of Mainz.  He proved to be an unpopular 

Nicholas the Studite (d. 863)  Nicholas was a Cretan monk, very 
active in the Byzantine religious controversies of his time.

Gilbert of Sempringham (d. 1189)  The founder of the only medieval 
religious order created in England, Gilbert was the son of a knight 
who became a priest and clerk to the bishop of Lincoln.  His 
parishioners at Sempringham included some very pious women: he built 
a house for them next to the church---which then grew.  He asked the 
Cistercians to take over, but they wouldn't, so ended up founding his 
own "Gilbertine" order.  By the time of G's death there were 13 
communities, later growing to 26.

Joan of France (or of Valois) (d. 1505)  Jeanne was a daughter of 
King Louis XI and Charlotte of Savoy.  She was physically handicapped 
in some way, which made her particularly unfortunate in the dynastic 
policies of the age.  In 1476 she was married to Duke Louis of 
Orleans, who treated her badly.  After Louis secured the throne of 
France as Louis XII, he arranged to have the marriage annulled.  J. 
took to religion, founding a convent, doing good deeds, and praying a 

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