As some of you know, Eduserv have been working on a method of allowing
users at Shibboleth IdPs to use Athens-protected services that do not
meet Athens implementation standards.  We have been working with some of
the JISC Early Adopter organisations to test that the fix works
correctly, and to date no problems have been found with the fix.  We
would therefore like to invite the rest of the [JISC-SHIBBOLETH]
community to use it.


The problem arose because when a user from a Shibboleth IdP accesses an
Athens-protected service via the gateway, the gateway creates an Athens
session for that user.  That meant that if that user subsequently tried
to log into a non-gateway compliant service with a classic Athens
account, the Athens authentication point (AP) detected the Athens
session and tried to log the user in automatically.  The user then
encountered an error, most often because the service provider (SP) was
checking the first three characters of the user's handle, which is not
persistent in Shibboleth.


The fix developed by Eduserv allows a user from a Shibboleth IdP to log
into non-gateway compliant services with a classic Athens account.  It
uses a URL format called a target resource locator (TRL), which uses a
combination of:

*	the URL of the Athens authentication point (AP)
*	a TRL identifier
*	a resource identifier
*	an extra parameter to pass at the Athens AP:


The basic format of a TRL is therefore:


A list of TRLs for non-gateway compliant services is below.  We have not
introduced a fix for some services because the providers have informed
us that they are due to be retired after users have been migrated to new
platforms.  These include:

*	all Butterworths services
*	Dialog Education@Site and Dialog@Site
*	UK JSTOR Mirror Service


Dialog DataStar


International Who's Who




LexisNexis Professional and Executive


Oxford Scholarship Online




Routledge Encyclopaedia of Philosophy


UK JSTOR Mirror Service


Westlaw UK


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