Dear collegues,
at our set-up we are using an old Balzers QMS-420. Unfortunately one of our RF cables is not working anymore, and since it is such an old QMS, Pfeiffer-Vacuum does not provide new cables anymore. Now I was wondering if somebody has these cables and is not using them anymore. In that case we would be quite happy to arrange something to buy your cables. Or if somebody knows another company which might sell these cables, we would like to hear this as well.
Some extra information on the cables and QMS is added below:
Number on RF-kabel: BG448397-T

QMG-422 / BG D2 580, Fabr-Nr: 012920Y008

QMA-400 / BK M0 SPEZ., Fabr-Nr: 055050Y001

QMH-400-5 / BG M 23 066 Fabr-Nr: 849283Y008
Thanking you in advance,
Irene Groot
Leiden University
The Netherlands


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