Notice of Meeting and Call for Papers

ZUM 2006

16th International Z User Meeting

As part of the 2nd Systems and Software Week
Columbia, MD, USA
24-28 April 2006

Co-located with:
SEW-30, 30th Annual NASA/IEEE Software Engineering Workshop
EASe 2006, 3rd IEEE Workshop on Engineering Autonomic Systems
DSSNS 2006, 2nd IEEE Workshop on
Dependability and Reliability in Sensor Networks and Systems

Organized by the Z User Group
NASA Software Engineering Laboratory
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on Complexity in Computing
In association with BCS-FACS

The 16th International Z User Meeting (ZUM 2006) will be held at Loyola 
Graduate Center, Columbia, MD, in suburban Washington DC, USA. This is the 
time that ZUM will be held outside Europe.

Z is a leading formal notation, used in formal methods by both academia and
industry, for the specification and verification of both hardware and 

The program committee invites authors to submit papers on or related to the
formal specification notation Z, in particular, and formal methods in 
for presentation and inclusion in the published Proceedings to be 
after the conference. The schedule for submissions is as follows:

       Submission of draft papers:     15 January 2006
       Notification of acceptance:     15 February 2006
       ZUM 2006 in Columbia:           24-28 April 2006 (exact date TBD)
       Final copy for Proceedings:     8 June 2006

Note: The exact date and length of the conference as part of the Systems and
Software Week is to be decided depending on submissions. It is planned that
papers will be included as a part of the IEEE SEW proceedings.

Further Information

General enquiries about the meeting and the Z User Group may be directed to 
Conference Chair:

               Prof. Jonathan Bowen
               London South Bank University
               Faculty of BCIM
               Borough Road
               London SE1 0AA
               United Kingdom
               Email: [log in to unmask]
               Tel: +44 20 7815 7462
               Fax: +1 702 537 8033

Online and up-to-date conference information may be found under the 
web address:


Electronic submissions are encouraged. Send your submission to one of 
Co-Chairs below either on [log in to unmask] or 
[log in to unmask]
as well as a separate (plain ASCII) message containing the title of the 
list of authors, and contact information for the corresponding author.

Alternatively, four copies of submitted papers of not more than 10 pages 
two-column format) should be sent to Mike Hinchey:

               Prof. Mike Hinchey
               NASA Software Engineering Laboratory
               Mailstop 581.0
               NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
               Greenbelt, MD, 20771, USA
               Email: [log in to unmask]
               Tel: +1 301 286 9057
               Fax: +1 301 286 5719

               Dr Randolph Johnson
               National Security Agency, Maryland, USA
               Email: [log in to unmask]

Program Committee

  Keijiro Araki, Kyushu University, Japan
  Rob Arthan, Lemma 1, Reading, UK
  Jonathan Bowen, London South Bank University, UK
  John Derrick, The University of Kent at Canterbury, UK
  Jin Song Dong, National University of Singapore
  Mark d'Inverno, University of Westminster, UK
  Martin Henson, University of Essex, UK
  Mike Hinchey, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, USA
  Rob Hierons, Brunel University, UK
  Randolph Johnson, National Security Agency, USA
  Steve King, University of York, UK
  Yves Ledru, LSR-IMAG, Grenoble, France
  Graeme Smith, University of Queensland, Australia
  Sergiy Vilkomir, University of Limerick, Ireland

ZUM 2006 conference information last updated on 4 January 2006.
Information by Jonathan Bowen