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                    BCS-FACS / FME  Evening Seminar

                   Formal Methods in the Last 25 Years

                      Jean-Raymond Abrial, ETH Zurich
                      Ian Hayes, University of Queensland
		      Cliff Jones, University of Newcastle
		      John Tucker, University of Wales

                              30 January 2006

                             Start time: 5.30 pm

                             Refreshments from 5pm

                             BCS London Offices
                             First Floor
                             The Davidson Building
                             5 Southampton Street
                             London WC2E 7HA

Mathematically-based "formal" methods for developing software and
systems have had an interesting history. Over the past twenty-five
years, the subject has moved from controversies surrounding code
verification, through work on data types, design methodology,
refinement and "Lightweight" Formal Methods, to automated proof
and model-checking technology.

This event brings together four computer scientists who have been
active as leading researchers and practitioners in the field over
the last quarter century. It provides an opportunity to learn about
the motivations behind some of the major developments in the field,
to discuss trends, fashions, successes and failures and set them in
their recent historical context. The meeting will be of interest to
researchers, students and practitioners in software and systems
development, specialists in formal methods and anyone with an interest
in the history of computing.

The Panel:
		Jean-Raymond Abrial, ETH Zurich
		Ian Hayes, University of Queensland
		Cliff Jones, University of Newcastle upon Tyne
		John Tucker, University of Wales, Swansea

Chairman: 	John Fitzgerald, Formal Methods Europe (FME)

There will be an opportunity for participants to raise issues for
discussion at the event. In order to make best use of the time,
participants are invited to mail [log in to unmask] with
issues or questions that they would like the panel to discuss. It
may not be possible to deal with all the issues raised, but there
will be an opportunity for additional questioning and discussion
at the event.

Refreshments will be served from 5pm

The seminar is free of charge and open to everyone. If you would
like to attend, please email Paul Boca [[log in to unmask]] by

                         >>>>> 26 January 2006 <<<<< .

Pre-registration is required, as security at the BCS Offices is

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The seminar is sponsored by:

- the Centre for Software Reliability (CSR), University of Newcastle