Dear Bugs Users,

I am running a spatial random effects model in WinBUGS 1.4.1 with GeoBUGS
(code below).  The model compiled, I loaded most of the inits and generated
the remaining ones, which all worked as usual.  However, when I started to
update, I got a Rejection1 error in the bottom left-hand corner of the
screen.  I did some poking around in the manual and on the list, but there
were no answers there.  If I continue to hit the update buttom, WinBUGS will
continue to update, but each iteration I continue to get this message.  Can
anyone tell me what this means?

Thanks in advance,


    for(i in 1:152){
        for(j in 1:24){
            ycs[j,i] ~ dpois(p.ycs[j,i])
                log(p.ycs[j,i]) <- exp.kill[j,i] + alpha[1,j] + S[j,i]
            ed[j,i] ~ dpois(p.ed[j,i])
                log(p.ed[j,i]) <- exp.kill[j,i] + alpha[2,j] + S[j,i]
            ar[j,i] ~ dpois([j,i])
                log([j,i]) <- exp.kill[j,i] + alpha[3,j] + S[j,i]
            hrw[j,i] ~ dpois(p.hrw[j,i])
                log(p.hrw[j,i]) <- exp.kill[j,i] + alpha[4,j] + S[j,i]
            mean[j,i] <- (1/4)*(p.ycs[j,i] + p.ed[j,i] + p.hrw[j,i] +
for(k in 1:152){
    mu[k] <- 0
for(j in 1:24){
    S[j,1:152] ~ spatial.exp(mu[], x[], y[], tau, phi, 1)
    alpha[1,j] ~ dnorm(0, 0.001)
    alpha[2,j] ~ dnorm(0, 0.001)
    alpha[3,j] ~ dnorm(0, 0.001)
    alpha[4,j] ~ dnorm(0, 0.001)
         tau ~ dgamma(0.01, 0.01)
         phi ~ dunif(0.33, 6)


Dave Armstrong
University of Oxford
Department of Politics and International Relations
Center for Research Methods in the Social Sciences
Nuffield College
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