Dear BUGSlist,

I am attempting to perform a simulation using a number of parallel chains 
with unique seed values for each chain. Experience indicates that this is 
necessary to prevent coupling between chains, a problem that is mentioned 
in a previous version of the BUGS manual. It was also suggested that the 
seed value can be set in the 'initial value file'. But this now appears to 
cause an 'undefined variable' error. I notice item 001835 (seed for 
parallel chain) in the BUGS list is concerned with this issue, but I don't 
see any response. I am attempting to run the simulations using the script 
facility, and I notice that seed initialisation has been discussed in the 
'wish list' context. I am unsure how parallel chains are seeded when run 
from a script file.

I realise that by running each chain separately, and by executing the 
script statements in sections, it is possible to set the seed for each 
chain, as required after compilation. Is it possible to do this all within 
a single parallel chain script run?

Many thanks in advance,

Martin King

Martin King
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Institute of Child Health/Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children
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