Hi All,

Can anyone point me to an example where the response (y) is a multinomial 
ordinal variable taking values A, B, C... and the predictors (x) are both 
discrete and continuous.
I am able to formulate my model for standard logistic regression where I 
have a binary response, as a random effects model:

y_i/p_i ~ Bin( n_i, p_i)
logit( p_i) = b_o + sum( j=1 to K ) b_j * x_ij + e_i
e_i ~ N( 0, s^2)

where i = 1...N is the number of observations in my data and K is the number 
of explanatory variables. However I would like to modify the above such that 
the y_i are now ordinal and can take >2 values.

Thanks in advance,


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