Dear Listmembers and Future Participants of the 14th IWGP Symposium
We would like to remind you about the dead-line for the registration
15th September 2006
We have received about 100 registrations till now. Some titles have been rejected according to IWGP aims

“In order for a paper or poster to be accepted for inclusion in an IWGP conference, the major subject matter should relate to the study of the human exploitation of plant resources (wild and/or domesticated) or human interactions with the environment, by analysis and interpretation of plant macro remains (mainly seeds, fruits and other plant parts if connected with seeds, but not charcoal or pollen and spores etc.). Limited inclusion of anthracological or palynological data may be acceptable in circumstances where this complements the plant macrofossil data.”


Hope it will help you in the registration



With best greetings

 on organisers behalf

Aldona Bieniek