I, too, would like to request the following paper.

With many thanks,

Kirsten Tripplett

Tanno K. & Willcox G. 2006.  How fast was wild wheat domesticated? Science  (March 31)  311:1886

"Dr. Angela Kreuz" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:        Dear George,
 I would be happy to get your following pdf-files:
 Willcox G. 2000. Présence des Céréales dans le Néolithique Préceramique de Shillourokambos à Chypre. Paléorient  26/1 129-135.
 Willcox G. 1999. Charcoal analysis and Holocene vegetation history in southern Syria. In Quaternary Science Reviews Special issue INQA symposium Ankara, the late Quaternary in the Eastern Mediterranean 711-716.*
 Willcox G. 2004. Measuring grain size and identifying Near Eastern cereal domestication: evidence from the Euphrates valley. Journal of Archaeological Science 31:145-50.
 Did I already thank you for the interesting Science- paper? If not I would like to do it now (last months have been a  little bit too busy)
 Many thanks!! and best wishes from Wiesbaden (today 36 degrees announced, yesterday we had 35...)
 George Willcox schrieb:                   Dear All, 
   Following on from Ehud's initiative here are some publications which I can send as PDF files to those interested. The two marked with * are heavy 1400 KO the others are less than 400KO.
      Tanno K. & Willcox G. 2006.  How fast was wild wheat domesticated? Science  (March 31)  311:1886
   Willcox G. 2005. The distribution, natural habitats and availability of wild cereals in relation to their domestication in the Near East: multiple events, multiple centres. Vegetation History and Archaeobotany 14/4:534-541.   
   Tanno K.& Willcox G. 2006. The origins of cultivation of Cicer arietinum L. and Vicia faba L.: Early finds from north west Syria (Tell el-Kerkh, late 10th millennium BP). Vegetation History and Archaeobotany 15/3 : 197 - 204. (Available shortly) 
   Willcox G. 2002. Charred plant remains from a late tenth millennium kitchen at Jerf el Ahmar (Syria).   Vegetation History and Archaeobotany. 11:55-60.*
   Best wishes to all,
   George Willcox
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