Another page full of PDF papers is the one of Gary Crawford:
Ehud Weiss

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Subject: Re: cheaper online journal access?

Dear friends,
Following Otto, Mark and Lisa, why don't we agree, as member of this
not-too-big list, to freely send our publications to members? I assume (and
I'm not a lawyer, as you know...) that sending one's own papers on a
one-to-one basis should not break any law, am I correct? 

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Subject: Re: cheaper online journal access?

Dear colleagues,

Mark makes an important proposal to put our publications online ourselves in
PDF format. It would indeed be great if we could generate a pool of PDF
files! I have recently tried to create a PDF file myself by scanning a
publication of which the publisher was not prepared to distribute PDF's of
the chapters to the authors: The prehistory of the Netherlands (2005). For a
c. 20 page chapter, the file became quite large (20 MB, scanned and saved at
300 DPI, a good printing quality, and acrobat distiller is needed). Does
anyone have experiences in creating PDF files his/herself?? Would a much
smaller file also be adequate??
And: IF we decide to create a pool for PDF files of archaeobotanical
publications, how easy would it be to find a site willing to host this
(assuming Internet access is indispensible). And how can we secure that only
suppliers of PDF-files have access (or should the trouble of generating
PDF-files be compensated by more citations??).
And: if journals provide PDF-files to authors, it might not be allowed to
freely distribute these. How to handle this??
In conclusion: the perspective is great in my opinion, but there are some
mountains to remove first... I would be curious to read if there are other
ideas on this subject!


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Onderwerp: Re: cheaper online journal access?

Hi Lisa

Online journals have been a boon for those with an Athens login (i.e. a UK
university affiliation), but are no use to independent researchers.
However, there are some ways round this:

1. Do just sufficient teaching or research at a local university so as to
acquire honorary staff status (and that all important Athens login).

2. Order journal articles through your local library - should cost 1-3. 
The BL charges much more for direct sales because it is passing on a
copyright fee to the publisher. It doesn't have to charge this for supply of
photocopies to libraries. 

3. Use Google Scholar - quite good at finding freely accessible PDFs

4. Use Google's ordinary Advanced Search, searching on article title and
file type=PDF If there's a freely available copy, it should come up.

5. email the author of the paper and ask for a PDF, after visiting their
website to see if they automatically put everything online, e.g.:

As most archaeobotanical literature won't get online through publishers
(being published in low circulation journals and monographs), we should
perhaps be  putting our work online ourselves. This is becoming standard
practice in the sciences, e.g. for plant evolution:

Obviously work that is easier to access will be more cited. 


On 30 Jan 2006, at 11:52, Lisa Gray wrote:

> Dear all,
> Can any of you recommend the cheapset way I can view journal articles 
> online?
> I've just used British Library direct and it would cost me over 20 to 
> read the article I need and my alumni membership of UCL library 
> doesn't permit me to have remote access (and I won't get started on 
> the cost in money and time in rail travel to view the article 
> itself!).
> all the best,
> Lisa

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