Hi folks

what CAPSUniform when its at home? And if I haven't heard of it do I
need to know?

best wishes

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Sarah and all

If I had a workable link to CAPSUniform, I would try your suggestion,
but we haven't yet got a functional Listed Building module or been
enabled to use the development control systems (so much for systems
introduced without adequate user consultation or support - have a
meeting just before Christmas at which progress may be made, but I'm
holding my breath!!). When I went to a briefing by a CAPS instructor,
showed him the Urban Archaeological Database info, and asked about
exchange, I got a flat "no". 

What I am hoping to hear is that someone out there has got planning
systems and HER systems in dialogue, with 2-way exchange of info. I
asked virtually the same question on this forum as part of the
information- gathering for my talk at Oxford in May, and don't recall
single affirmative answer. 

If no-one has achieved it locally, then isn't it about time DCMS, ODPM
and EH got together and resolved the issues??? 


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Have you tried exchanging CAPUniform entered data with your partner
HER? The offer is open and has been for quite a while to at least see
what if anything is possible. 

Best wishes
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Dear all

I would be v interested in responses to this, and in particular in
hearing of your experiences in feasibility (or not) of exchanging
information with CAPSUniform  or any of the other systems being bought
in by planning authorites to help them meet ODPM e-government
requirements. I am unable to exchange CAPSUniform entered data with my
partner HER at the County. 

John Preston
Historic Environment Manager, Cambridge City Council
IHBC representative on HPR Strand B working group  

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As part of our HER on the web project I have been asked to find out if
any SMRs/HERs have links direct or indirect to their authorities
planning systems and if so; how do these work? how satisfactory are
If it helps we use a system called MVM.
Thank You
David Evans
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Planning & Environment
South Gloucestershire Council
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