Dear All,

I have three windows as follows:
window1 - triple resonance experiments + 15N-HSQC - x/F1:1H, y/ 
F2:15N, z/F3:13C
window3 - triple resonance experiments - x/F1:1H, y/F2:13C, z/F3:15N

I have followed exactly, as it is said (or at least as I have  
understood!) in the advanced tutorial, and tried to set the  
sequential spin system for CBCA(CO)NH peaks as F1: 0, F2: -1, F3: 0  
(in window3). When click add to spin system, I do not see two  
different spin systems for the amide and carbon plane. Both gets the  
same spin system. What am I doing wrong here? I want to create a list  
of anonymous connected peaks like this. It does not look easy as it  
should be?

Many thanks.