Way back (a week ago? Two?) we were discussing how our work is perceived by
colleagues, etc.

Now, I'm a theologian and an educationalist (horrible word).  At Nottingham,
I teach things like Doctrine, Ethics, Spirituality and so on.  But I also
teach things like Chaos Magick, (in the *history* curriculum, don't ask how
we got that one by...), Paganism Past and Present and so on.

So when I got my EdD on Monday, I got an email from a colleague
congratulating me, which contained the words, "There'll be dancing in the
coven tonight!".

It's an attempt at humour and was taken as such (though I don't imagine my
bishop would be all that impressed...).  But it does make me wonder about
the few staff whom I know to *be* Pagan - do they come in for such comments
and are they taken as jokes or as jibes?  I did take this one as a friendly
comment, but it's interesting...

Janet Goodall
Research Fellow
Institute of Education
University of Warwick