Dear Critical Management list member,


This message has been sent to the C-M-Worshop and Academy of Management CMS IG lists.


However, it may be that some are not members of those lists, and in any case this is a timely reminder of a process that is starting on Monday, which I would ask all with some commitment to CMS to be involved in.


Coming up is a change to the reviewing process for the 2006 Academy of Management Meeting in Atlanta, and subsequent meetings.


Potential reviewers will be asked to sign up to a centralized review system. Once in place it will make things easier organizationally, but it will take some doing to get reviewers signed up. The sign up process will begin October 17 – Monday - you will get notification from the Academy centrally, and most likely  another one from me.  


You will be asked to sign up and tick subject keywords for areas you would like to review. Identifying a “comprehensive” list of CMS keywords has been not unproblematic, as you might anticipate.


Doctoral students are encouraged to become reviewers; where they do review a paper it will be alongside more established reviewers.


See the timescale below.


Bill Cooke

2006 Program Chair CMSIG


October 3 - 14: Program chairs to enter keywords into the reviewer system and update as necessary before the signup site opens on October 17.  During this time, program chairs will also be able to add questions to the evaluation form (see attached), and will get a preview of the reviewer signup process.

October 17:  Academy wide recruitment message will be sent. Reviewer signup site opens.
October 24:  Divisional recruitment begins and continues as long as needed.
November 1: Submission site opens.
November 15: Program Developer opens
January 9: Submission deadline
January 16: Deadline for assigning submissions for review
February 7: Deadline for getting back reviews

If your division or interest group does not have an existing list of keywords, please develop one. If needed, we can send you a list of keywords that were self entered by the submitters last  year.  It's essential that you have a list of keywords and entered it into the Reviewer System. This list of keywords is how you'll match up papers with reviewers. 

In order to not overburden reviewers, the Academy will ask reviewers to commit to review at least 3 but no more than 5 papers for each division they are signing up for.