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CRFR National Conference:
Smaller Households, Smaller Families: implications for policy, planning and
8th November, John McIntyre Centre, Edinburgh
Changes in the way we live are going to have huge implications for how we
plan our towns and cities, how we support individuals and families and how
we shape policy to reflect the new reality of smaller households and smaller
families. This one-day conference offers and opportunity to consider these
changes, where we are today, where we might be going, and how what we do
needs to evolve as families and households shrink. 

Key issues:

One person households will be one third of all households in Scotland,
higher than the rest of the UK, and higher in cities	

Scotland is currently experiencing the lowest birth rate since records began

People are postponing parenthood and having fewer children meaning that less
of the lifecycle is taken up with childcare	

There is more voluntary childlessness	


Paul Boyle: Centre for Longitudinal Studies, University of St Andrews Duncan
Macniven: Registrar General Fran Wasoff: Centre for Research on Families and

Who should attend?

All those interested in the implications of family change, including
academics, planners, policy maker and service providers, from health, and
social care sectors.

Exchange Sessions

What are the consequences of smaller households for the research and policy
agenda in each of the following areas:

Housing and Planning
Social Justice and Social Inclusion
Health Services
Community and Social Care

Cost 90

There are a few subsidised places for unfunded PHD students and others who
are unable to raise the full entry price. Please contact us for details.

Venue and Date

To be held at the John McIntyre Centre, Pollock Halls, Edinburgh on the 8th
November 2005.

Further details and booking:

or email [log in to unmask], tel 0131 651 3001/1832